We will be managing your flat for any period ranging from one to five years depending on your choice and comfort.

We will be paying you an interest free refundable security deposit which needs to be refunded when the tenant vacates the flat.

Owners do not have to pay for repainting of the house or repairs of any damages caused by the tenant. It will be taken care by proptension.com

The rent for your flat will be mutually agreed upon based on the current market rate for similar flats in your apartment/complex.

In case of major market fluctuations like a sudden recession or boom in real estate prices, both parties can re-negotiate the terms of the agreement to change the rent to a fair value according to market rates.

After the deal is confirmed, we need an initial period of 20 days to complete the document formalities and to find a tenant for your flat. We will start paying you the rent as soon as the first tenant moves in.

Yes,condition applies Refer the LEASE AGREEMENT.

You can inspect your flat at any reasonable time by giving us a prior intimation.

Regular maintenance of the flat such as plumbing, electrical works, painting and cleaning will be taken care of by us at no additional cost to the owners once the flat is handed over to us in a good condition.

No. Your flat will be used only for residential purposes.

We have a dedicated team who takes care of the maintenance of the flat managed by us. Our team conducts a periodic inspections and maintenance checks of your flat. In case the team is of the opinion that any item in the flat needs repair then we take an appropriate action to ensure that such repair is done in a timely manner in order to prevent any damage.

It will be our responsibility to repair any damage caused by the tenants. However, in case of any natural damage like cracks or seepage, the owner will have to bear the cost of repair.

We charge 1 Month Rent from the tenants as our fee towards the cost of all the services offered.

The one month of rent that we are charge you per eleven months or every new tenant and Rs.999/ or 10 % of the charges from the rent collected every month is inclusive of the cost of acquiring new tenants, cost of inspection and maintenance. We also take care of rent collection and handling tenant complaints. You will not be required to pay anything extra for these services.

We have included a downloadable copy of our sample agreement and sample terms sheet here for your reference Download

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